Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry for the disappearing act...

I promise all is ok! Just going crazy with school underway and trying to get ready for Sawyer's birthday party next weekend! We are having a farm themed party, with a mini petting zoo starring our very own furbabies.

His Party isn't until next Saturday, but his birthday...it's tomorrow.... :(

My last baby is going to be one....

Hospital Picture

At Disney World. May 2013

Hospital Cuddle

Out and about October 2012

Cloth Diapered!!

So sweet while sleeping...

Second home has been that Mei Tai!

Lovin corn from his friends at Vegetable Land. Thanks, Wendy, Matt, and Renee!

Not sure why this turned....??? Taken 2 weeks ago.

It has been SOME year...So many blessings. <3

So we are busy getting things ready around here. It needed to be done anyway!! LOL!!! And by next Thursday! Because my friend Shannon is coming to stay for the night with her family!!!

Our garden isn't doing much sadly... :( But we harvest a bit!

Here are some snap shots of what we have been up to!!

Some critter time!

Our first litter of baby bunnies! Copper had 11!!

Chasing a turtle
Daisy Mae and Sawyer

Chicken cuddles

 School time!! Gabriel started Preschool!

Still trying to get the class set up!


 Visiting family and watching sunsets! Getting wore out from play and heat (yep, summer finally came...).

And fresh food!!

 We were hoping to at least have a good pony before the party, but we still haven't found the perfect one (well, maybe...). We are also seriously considering a Haflinger team. All in all....IT'S BUSY!!!! :)

On a sad note; we lost a dear family member two and a half weeks ago. A woman I grew up around my whole life.... She was abducted and murdered. It is very sad and tragic. Sandy was a wonderful woman and I was blessed to know her. My thoughts and prayers are still with her children and grandson as well as those closest...

Night and Bless!!!


  1. You have been so busy. I love the bunnies!! I have always wanted one. I love your school wall. I am so very sorry about your friend. You have my thoughts and love!! I love your blog. I need to get back to mine. I have been MIA too. <3 Reena

  2. Luvin all the new pics. Happy birthday to Sawyer. Can't believe how much they've all grown in a year. Especially Gabriel :) Hope Sawyer has a fab party :)