Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday, Sept.14. A wonderful day for Sawyer's Farm themed party. 

We were up and setting up tables and such bright and early! I even used some old table coverings passed down to us from Matt's grandparents, both to include then in some way (which we also did when we said the "Apple Prayer" before eating) and to give a vintage farm kitchen feel.


I stamped these wooden forks for the cake table.

One of our early guests, my nephew, Kipton, who is a few months younger than Sawyer.


"Hey! Come back here!! Pay attention to ME!

Guests were arriving and Isabelle was introducing them to our beloved Daisy. As Sawyer began moving about, two things became apparent; one, he was getting sleepy (thus cranky, just a tad), two, I couldn't keep his overalls snapped. So he went in his cloth diaper! ;)


Mamaw. Thank Goodness she came early! We never would have been ready!

If anyone sees this who does NOT know, I homeschool, which explains Matt's shirt! ;) He is quite fond out that shirt and wears it often! :P


Sawyer kept getting crankier, so cake time it was!!! I was looking forward to a cake that was a bit "crunchier" this year, but the baker I was going to hire was busy that weekend. Sandy does WONDERFUL cakes, though, even if there is lots of red dye on it! lol!

Only thing I had time to sew was this special bib.

Sawyer wanted to "smash" it with his foot! lol!

We decided he had enough red dye and removed the fondant. He didn't like the cake as much though.

Cake and acoustic music, along with great company and cool weather make for the perfect party!

We only got to open a few gifts. Sawyer just wouldn't sit still for it. We got wonderful things! A lovely Bible Storybook, Sweet Blocks, customized by a friend and her daughter, noise makers, clothes, a dino pillow pet,......!!! He was set!

Aren't these sweet!? The customized ones are S-A-W-Y-E-R.

And he is OFF!!!!! lol!

Still going!

Guests enjoyed the games we borrow from friends Jeff and Maggie. All too soon guests were saying their goodbyes....


The tower falls!

My dad, AKA Papaw Kemp stuck around and helped take down tables. :)

Chillin while the 'rents go clean up!
It was a wonderful celebration for Little Bit. We are so honored to have had people join us in that celebration! <3

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