Monday, September 30, 2013

Sawyer took steps today!!

So my Little Bit is getting so big. He has been taking a step and falling toward me in the process for awhile, but today was a game changer.

At least a dozen times he took 3 steps or more to Matt and Isabelle. It's so sweet! We pulled out the old walker toy we inherited from Matt's grandparents house (no telling how many babies waled with it! <3). He REALLY loves that! He is just so proud of himself!

The biggest issue was, after the walker came out, I couldn't get him away from it! So by the time I started trying to take pictures, he was screeching at us when we tried to take it away!! I only got ONE without the walker. lol! Lil stinker....

Yep. Screeching.

My ONE picture. Looks the boogie man coming! lol!!!

He gets so excited, he giggles and his eyes shine. He is quite proud of himself! We are, too! <3

I do have to admit, though, there was this tiny corner in my mind that kinda hoped he would hold off. How cool would it have been to have his first steps in Disney World!?

Gabriel went to his first story hour at the library today. One whole hour with only Miss Lynn and a half dozen other toddlers. I guess he did well!! :D He made a craft. He wouldn't come in the door when we got home. I was getting ready to get angry when I realized he wanted to hang it up...outside. lol....

Trying to get a decent picture of this child is NUTS here lately! KWIM!? He would NOT hold still. Guess I need to use the sport setting.

Here it is!! The best shot!!

Quick shout out to my BESTIE!!!! Happy Birthday Beth. You are a beautiful person with a soul of SUNSHINE!

Night! God bless!!

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