Thursday, September 26, 2013

Computer is fixed!!!!!!!!!

My computer is fixed!!! Yay!!!! Thanks Alex!!!

Boy do I have a TON to share!

We spent the day before Sawyer's party doing mostly last minute cleaning, mostly playing outside, really! We got to fun oversized yard games set up and did a bit of decorating.  I had some zucchini, though... :) I REALLY wanted zucchini bread, but our oven is still out from the service drop shorting it out. So we improvised!!!

Um, one word. YUMMMMMMMMMMM............

Gabriel is slowly getting over his fear of toads. So long as they don't wriggle or jump!!! :P

Connect 4

We call this Hillbilly Golf!

I also played around with my camera a bit while the kids were sleeping. Speaking of camera, my original set of batteries finally died. They lasted WAY longer than I thought. So I put in my rechargable ones I bought just for it and they already exhausted! :O

"soft" setting

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