Monday, September 30, 2013

Sawyer took steps today!!

So my Little Bit is getting so big. He has been taking a step and falling toward me in the process for awhile, but today was a game changer.

At least a dozen times he took 3 steps or more to Matt and Isabelle. It's so sweet! We pulled out the old walker toy we inherited from Matt's grandparents house (no telling how many babies waled with it! <3). He REALLY loves that! He is just so proud of himself!

The biggest issue was, after the walker came out, I couldn't get him away from it! So by the time I started trying to take pictures, he was screeching at us when we tried to take it away!! I only got ONE without the walker. lol! Lil stinker....

Yep. Screeching.

My ONE picture. Looks the boogie man coming! lol!!!

He gets so excited, he giggles and his eyes shine. He is quite proud of himself! We are, too! <3

I do have to admit, though, there was this tiny corner in my mind that kinda hoped he would hold off. How cool would it have been to have his first steps in Disney World!?

Gabriel went to his first story hour at the library today. One whole hour with only Miss Lynn and a half dozen other toddlers. I guess he did well!! :D He made a craft. He wouldn't come in the door when we got home. I was getting ready to get angry when I realized he wanted to hang it up...outside. lol....

Trying to get a decent picture of this child is NUTS here lately! KWIM!? He would NOT hold still. Guess I need to use the sport setting.

Here it is!! The best shot!!

Quick shout out to my BESTIE!!!! Happy Birthday Beth. You are a beautiful person with a soul of SUNSHINE!

Night! God bless!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One more bit of news for tonight......:)

Matt and I have been talking about taking a Fall trip for  at least 2 months, almost 3.

We discussed Gatlinburg (I am the only one who has been and that was 20 yrs ago), Branson and Ozarks (showing them one of the places I lived and visiting Rocky Ridge Farm), Colorado (see my Bestie, Beth and Matt maybe Elk hunt), and Disney Free Dining trip.

Well, we already had a BIG Disney trip in May. That was out, so I would have suspected.

Yet Matt kept bringing it up.

So I booked it!

I have changed the dates twice, but we are headed back! Port Orleans Riverside (never stayed there yet), Nov. 2-7.

Port Orleans Riverside. Not my shot, but sooo pretty!

Why on Earth would we think going back was a good choice????
  1. Free Dining
  2. Harmony Barber Shop (there is a story here, I will share in a minute)
  3. Value of having everything for everyone (even my theme park disliking husband, who talked ME into it this time!), especially plenty for the very young to still see and do.
  4. Truthfully, we would have spent about half going elsewhere for only 4 days.

Let me tell you about Harmony Barbershop.....

Also not my shot...
As you enter Magic Kingdom, tucked in the corner, to the left, is this quaint Barbershop. When we took our first big trip in 07 (we took one 3 day trip in 06), with Levi, I had my heart set on getting his first haircut there. They have a sweet package (it's $18 now, not sure if it was a bit less then) of a first haircut, and celebratory ears are included!

Well, in all of those 10 days I could not bring myself to cut Levi's gorgeous curls!!

Could. Not. Do. It.

Levi's first haircut happened about a week after leaving Mickey, in the hospital, due to the doctors trying to save him after our family was struck by a large truck running a red light. Our lives were forever changed. And now my baby's first curl is in a box given to me by the hospital 6 years ago.

Without going into too much more, since it is that time of year and my heart can't handle it tonight....

When we started planning a trip for Gabriel at about the same age, I said HE would get that haircut! By golly!! Well, I happen to have been rather busy that trip and we never made it. :(

So!! Sawyer is getting that cut! I made an appointment even! :) Nov. 2, 2PM!

So there.... We are going back! Oh me. Oh my!

Well, that is enough for tonight my friends. Goodnight and may the Lord bless and keep you!

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday, Sept.14. A wonderful day for Sawyer's Farm themed party. 

We were up and setting up tables and such bright and early! I even used some old table coverings passed down to us from Matt's grandparents, both to include then in some way (which we also did when we said the "Apple Prayer" before eating) and to give a vintage farm kitchen feel.


I stamped these wooden forks for the cake table.

One of our early guests, my nephew, Kipton, who is a few months younger than Sawyer.


"Hey! Come back here!! Pay attention to ME!

Guests were arriving and Isabelle was introducing them to our beloved Daisy. As Sawyer began moving about, two things became apparent; one, he was getting sleepy (thus cranky, just a tad), two, I couldn't keep his overalls snapped. So he went in his cloth diaper! ;)


Mamaw. Thank Goodness she came early! We never would have been ready!

If anyone sees this who does NOT know, I homeschool, which explains Matt's shirt! ;) He is quite fond out that shirt and wears it often! :P


Sawyer kept getting crankier, so cake time it was!!! I was looking forward to a cake that was a bit "crunchier" this year, but the baker I was going to hire was busy that weekend. Sandy does WONDERFUL cakes, though, even if there is lots of red dye on it! lol!

Only thing I had time to sew was this special bib.

Sawyer wanted to "smash" it with his foot! lol!

We decided he had enough red dye and removed the fondant. He didn't like the cake as much though.

Cake and acoustic music, along with great company and cool weather make for the perfect party!

We only got to open a few gifts. Sawyer just wouldn't sit still for it. We got wonderful things! A lovely Bible Storybook, Sweet Blocks, customized by a friend and her daughter, noise makers, clothes, a dino pillow pet,......!!! He was set!

Aren't these sweet!? The customized ones are S-A-W-Y-E-R.

And he is OFF!!!!! lol!

Still going!

Guests enjoyed the games we borrow from friends Jeff and Maggie. All too soon guests were saying their goodbyes....


The tower falls!

My dad, AKA Papaw Kemp stuck around and helped take down tables. :)

Chillin while the 'rents go clean up!
It was a wonderful celebration for Little Bit. We are so honored to have had people join us in that celebration! <3