Friday, September 6, 2013

Sawyer is now a year old....

I can't believe my last baby is a year old. :( 

We had a fun day Wednesday and I am excited for his party next Saturday!!
First thing is BREAKFAST! Right now Sawyer loves to have banana every morn.

Fell asleep before we even pulled out of the drive with a calculator to his ear like a phone! :P

God, it's me, Sawyer, do you want a dried leaf? I will share! :)

Super Fast Mommy!

Sawyer LOVES the swing!

Gabriel likes to swing, too!

We shall continue party and company preparations! It is finally starting to feel like Fall though and I am itching to spend time outdoors!!

Matt and Isabelle went squirrel hunting a few times this week, so squirrel for dinner! lol!!! Matt is off this weekend, so I hope we can get some work done around here. If I can keep myself inside working, that is! There are fun things going on EVERYWHERE!!!

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