Monday, September 9, 2013

Sawyer's one year pictures

We finished off Matt's weekend off by going to Lincoln State Park for some pictures of Sawyer at the Boyhood Farm. It was humid and cloudy, the lighting was wonderful! I am still learning this camera (which is, by the way, my third in 7 weeks). It is a Nikon, a bit bigger than a normal P and S.

Party plans are coming along. Cleaning, not so! In all seriousness, though, my bulging disk issue seems to be flaring up. :(  I just don't have time to be out of commission!!! Shannon and her family are supposed to be here Thursday afternoon, I teach a preschool (homeschool co-op) on Friday, and Saturday is THE day! I could use some prayer!

Tomatoes are finally coming on pretty strong. Sadly they are all small ones. Like cherry size. But that is ok! I have a pretty good sized bowl, though, so I will be working on a recipe adaption tomorrow for dinner.

Night and Blessings!!


  1. for whatever reason I forgot to publish this post last night. And now I wake up today with two throwing up children. :(

  2. Luvin all the pics of Sawyer. He's to cute. Hope you and the kiddies feel better for Saturday