Sunday, November 24, 2013

More yumminess!!

So it was a stressful day.

You know the kind.

My step dad is in the hospital with a large blood clot in his leg. They are talking about inserting an umbrella (from what my mom said) in the keep it from heading for his lungs. Scary stuff. We could use prayer, please.

Some other kinda scary stuff happened, too. I can't discuss it, but I would love prayers for health for my family here at home, as well.

So what do I do when I am stressed? Besides eat? :( COOK!! Of course.... ;)

I started off with the most recent issue of MaryJane's Farm in hand while having coffee this morning. Grandma's Eggnog??? Hmmm... With a bit of tweaking...YUM! Though we let it chill all day and are just having it for dessert (with cookies!! I made Pumpkin Snickerdoodle!). It is creamy and wonderfully spiced (I had to use ground cloves, I didn't have whole)! Next time I will cut back the sugar, though. I like a sweet drink! But even with extra raw milk added it is a bit sweet.

I started on dinner early. About 3. I made anoth "moderately paleo" meal. Pork tenderlion (Matt's boar) stuffed with spinach, mushroom, onions, bacon, a sprinkle of asiago, and garlic. Served with herbed, lemon quinoa!

So I am stuffed. But still stressed. Going to do some reading. And hope the kids can be good and calm the rest of the night. Maybe diffuse some lavender... Mmm... God Bless!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thank God for the blessing of REAL FOOD! ;)

Since we treated yesterday as a weekend day, the kids and I had school work to catch up on today. For Gabriel and me, it meant some Thanksgiving fun!

Gabriel worked on some Thanksgiving printables, including some pre-writing line tracing, and I am 99% sure he is left handed. How strange to have 2!! We also read plenty of stories! One I chose was "Cranberry Thanksgiving". We played with cranberries after, doing some simple science. And we made...No, not Cranberry Bread, CRANBERRY SAUCE! The REAL stuff!! Gabriel and Isabelle both helped!

This kids LOVES do a dots!

I made the yummiest "Moderately Paleo" dinner tonight!! Veggie and venison meatballs, loaded with zucchini, carrot, and spinach shreds with a side of spaghetti squash! The "Moderate" part comes in with the sauce, a browned butter, garlic and sage sauce. It may have had dairy, but, to my credit, the sage was grown by my mom, the garlic from my CSA, the cream was raw, and the butter pastured!!! REAL FOOD!!!! :)

Sorry my pictures are a bit blurry. I just discovered the "soft" setting was somehow turned on.

Night and God bless!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Fall Fun!!!

We have been blessed these past few days with some very nice weather! And I do mean blessed.

The storms that ripped through our area on Sunday missed us. Thank the Lord! We have been visiting a nearby National Forest park a few times this week. Matt and Isabelle have been hunting there, and a couple of days the boys and I tagged along for exploration!

It's very pretty; hills, creeks, rocks, lakes... An old sandstone house that I adore! I look forward to spending more time there!!

From Sunday

From Sunday, right after this Gabriel took a nasty topple. :( We left quickly to get him some ice.

Storytime when we got home!
We also have spent a bit of time outside here at home. Sawyer was so happy to cuddle his Ba-Ba, Daisy Mae. <3

My kitchen and appetite has taken a turn for fall yumminess!!! I love pumpkin!! Yesterday morning I made my first ever Dutch Baby. And it was pumpkin!!! I loved buliding this recipe. Still needs a bit of tweaking. Good thing, because my recipe notebook is MIA. I am pretty worried, but at the same time I am sure it will show up! It is where I have been keeping all my recipes for my cookbook.

I also made chili. So my kids, they LOVE this stuff!!! Guess it will be making a more regular appearance than in the past!

Things are going well with Simply Aroma! I got my official welcome to the Presidential Founders Candidate program a few days ago and a welcome from one of the co- founders this morning! This company is GOING PLACES! They have so much backing, research, and I have plenty of faith! I can't wait to hold my first party!

Looking for a great opportunity? Simply Aroma is a brand new essential oil company that will launch on January 6th! We are the first party plan company devoted exclusively to essential oils. These oils are amazing and useful in so many ways! You can use them to stay well, get well, help you sleep, feel more energized, and so much more! Our product line at our initial launch will have 13 different Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils-the highest quality oils that you can get. We will be adding 20-24 more throughout the first year. We currently have less than 250 consultants, nationwide. This is truly a ground floor opportunity for anyone willing to jump in, learn, and work hard! The rewards will be phenomenal! Everyone wants in on a company when they are at their peak of success, but they also wish they would have gotten started earlier! It's a leap of faith to start at the very beginning, but it's SO worth it. This is an amazing company, with fantastic leadership, and strategic business and marketing plans in place. You can join now, begin team building and learning, then pay for your kit in December or January.

***If you have previous direct sales leadership experience and you are interested, contact me ASAP. Our Founder program will close on Friday (last call is at 11am CST) and we won't accept anymore consultants into it. Email me for more details.***

Where will you be in a year????

Have a blessed sleep and TTYS!! Good night!!

Pt. 4, the conclusion of our Fall Vacation...WARNING! PICTURE HEAVY!

Something new.....

We decided over a delicious included breakfast after a cozy sleep the head to Busch Gardens! I hadn't been since I was 14 and it would be a new experience for everyone else. We purchased a ticket that would have allowed us to visit both BG and SeaWorld as often as we liked over 14 days. Too bad we only had 2. :( We missed a lot of shows. We had taken Isabelle to SW when she was 3 and found it a half day park. The problem is getting to the shows ontime.

Matt DID go on his hog hunt. For his first one, he got a nice boar!! After that we went together to SW. On the way home we followed the Atlantic coast, visiting St. Augustine Beach. Thanks for following along!!

Poor Sawyer...He still wasn't feeling real great...

Both boys fell asleep in this crappy stroller. It was funny, but dangerous, so I quickly took some pictures before taking Sawyer out. Gabriel ended up toppling out when Matt stopped (the belt latch wasn't staying locked well), but Matt caught him, luckily. We got our money back on the rental.


My little Pocahontas

Decided to "taste" sand.

Hurricane: Level 3