Friday, November 15, 2013

Simply Aroma, a new Essential Oil company, US based!!

Hello loved ones!! Several days ago a dear friend sent me some information about a new, based in the US essential oil company that is in prelaunch. Well, I dismissed it nearly immediately, based on my memories of bamboopink. I swore my name wouldn't go behind a product that had that quality again, sadly I did not know until I was well on my way to building a business. Not to mention, I have been a doTERRA girl for a bit now.

I sat on it after we chatted about it. I prayed about it. You see, it was pretty awesome what was being offered! 1st TIER! I still wasn't sure....

Then a few things happened in the last 36 hrs that make me believe that God has this! So I am going for it!!!!! Wanna join me???? Email me if you do! ;)

For those of you who are YL and dT users, I have been assured that these EOs are faced with the SAME standards of certification. Also in some trade shows the past weekend, some new consultants were set up with kits by the company. YL and dT reps were SURE these were THEIR oils!!!:) And the price points are more pocket book friendly! 

What REALLY sets them apart though? Simply Aroma is a party based business!! The first ever in EO.

So what are Essential Oils??? Read up here!

And this one is GRAND!

I'm looking for a few people (anywhere in the country!) who would like to join an amazing, new company based in Mobile, AL, on the ground floor as a Independent Consultant.

Simply Aroma is set to launch on January 6th, 2014 with a fabulous product line of Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (adding 2 more per month, after we launch) and a high quality, ultrasonic diffuser to enjoy them with! Essential Oils are FABULOUS for maintaining optimal health and EVERY home should have them in their "medicine" cabinet! There are so many ways to use these oils - general health support, cleaning products, beauty products, and so much more. As an added bonus, our diffuser will fill the air with healthy, all natural fragrance!

If you are interested in signing up, you can do so through the following link. You do not have to pay for a kit when you sign up! They will work out payment of the kit after you're all signed up. In the meantime, you
can be promoting your business, booking parties, and growing your team, so that you hit the ground running in January! Registration JUST opened this past week. I am happy to answer questions!!


  1. are you associated with doterra? everything looks and sounds so much like their company.

  2. Hi there! No, actually. Simply Aroma is a brand new company. It lives up to the same standards as doTERRA,as well as Young Living, in their quality of oil, however.I would love to help you learn more! Please feel free to email me.

  3. So are these oils extracted from the same source as doTerra gets their oils? Im very interested

  4. I am curious how the quality of the oil was tested. I am also curious where and how these oils are made. With Young Living, I know that the science had been adjusted over their sustained 20 years and I can visit their farms. I have tried to find out information about the oils from simply Aroma and always end up at a dead end. I would prefer to buy from a company that is transparent about their product.