Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am SO excited!! :D

A few days ago I joined a brand new US based Essential Oils company, Simply Aroma. It took prayer and a leap of faith, but I truly felt God was opening a door for me.

I sat in on a VoiP meeting as Kelly Love laid out the company a bit; going over the quality, the comp plan, etc... It was all quite informative! Of course, I have been following along with those few (I think 200-300 or so now??) of us who "took the leap of faith" with SA (many veteran doTERRA and Young Living users) on a facebook page. There we invite visitors to ask questions and see if they want to try that leap, too!

For more from the company about oil quality, see the end of this post! :)

Anyway, I will have the title of Presidential Founder Candidate when we launch. This is VERY exciting! And I am blessed for the opportunity!

Meanwhile, I am sharing... and planning a LAUNCH PARTY!!

Launch is January 6, 2014. That is when I plan to hold my party. If you are local, follow the event on facebook! I am planning make and take fun!! See how you can include oils in you daily life, if you don't already! And it will be a Mystery Hostess PARTY!! Learn more about Hostess Rewards!!!


Simply Aroma Hostess Rewards!

And PLEASE like my new page!! I will have updates on the company and informative articles about Essential Oils and their uses. :)

We have one diffuser at the moment. It is white and can be set to one color, rotate through colors, or the light can be turned off. 

Interested in a LEAP OF FAITH? :)

Ground Floor Opportunity for brand new company launching in January. You can check out all the details here:

Sign up now, start working your business, pay for your kit in December.

Please contact me if you would like more information and I can add you to our group page so you can look around and ask questions.

From Simply Aroma:

Simply Aroma’s Quality Standards
Simply Aroma stands by the quality of our products. Below are a few facts about our quality standards:

  • Our essential oils are Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, the highest grade available for essential oils.

  • Simply Aroma only associates ourselves with companies that have the best development, manufacturing facilities, and track record.

  • Our essential oils are one of the safest and the most rigorously tested essential oils available today.

  • Mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are used to ensure the quality of the composition of our products.

  • Our essential oils do not consist of any fillers or artificial ingredients that could hamper performance.
    Simply Aroma sets high standards for our therapeutic grade products with a 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label. This label tells consumers some facts about the oil:

  • Come from high quality plants

  • Grown and harvested to the highest standards

  • Strict guidelines used for extracting and bottling

  • And a guarantee that every essential oil is tested by an outside company for purity

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