Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pt. 4, the conclusion of our Fall Vacation...WARNING! PICTURE HEAVY!

Something new.....

We decided over a delicious included breakfast after a cozy sleep the head to Busch Gardens! I hadn't been since I was 14 and it would be a new experience for everyone else. We purchased a ticket that would have allowed us to visit both BG and SeaWorld as often as we liked over 14 days. Too bad we only had 2. :( We missed a lot of shows. We had taken Isabelle to SW when she was 3 and found it a half day park. The problem is getting to the shows ontime.

Matt DID go on his hog hunt. For his first one, he got a nice boar!! After that we went together to SW. On the way home we followed the Atlantic coast, visiting St. Augustine Beach. Thanks for following along!!

Poor Sawyer...He still wasn't feeling real great...

Both boys fell asleep in this crappy stroller. It was funny, but dangerous, so I quickly took some pictures before taking Sawyer out. Gabriel ended up toppling out when Matt stopped (the belt latch wasn't staying locked well), but Matt caught him, luckily. We got our money back on the rental.


My little Pocahontas

Decided to "taste" sand.

Hurricane: Level 3


  1. That would have been a fab pic of the three kids on the Lion if poor Sawyer wasn't crying :( It is possible to get to all the shows in Seaworld but you need to arrive when they open to do it! Seaworld is one of my favourite parks outside Disney

  2. I know. Poor Sawyer just wasn't feeling well. :( We arrived at SW at noonish, so it wasn't happening. lol! ;)