Friday, November 1, 2013

The looongest trip to FL EVER!!!

It was a beautiful morning when we woke in Chattanooga this morning. Misty, cool, not cold, blue sky, and fluffy clouds with their shadows dotting the mountains.
I woke worried about what would come of our day, though, as Matt spent half of the night sick. :( Surprisingly,  he has done well all day! And me, well, I am thankful to my chiropractor!  Today my shoulders and neck are nearly 100% better!
The biggest issue today has been Gabriel forever whining that he wants to "go at home". Not understanding why we cant go home tonight and still be in WDW in the morning. Grrrr!!!
We stopped at Liberty Suppressors early this morning. It was a fun stop for Matt!! And enroute to cutting back to 75 from the NW corner of GA we got to see some beautiful scenery. Cant wait to share pictures!!
Meanwhile,  we are about 2 hrs from our stop for the night in Gainesville.  Which will leave us less than 2 hrs from Disney in the morning!! :)

Ps LOTS of accidents on 75 today.  We have been stopped in traffic many times.

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