Thursday, September 26, 2013

One more bit of news for tonight......:)

Matt and I have been talking about taking a Fall trip for  at least 2 months, almost 3.

We discussed Gatlinburg (I am the only one who has been and that was 20 yrs ago), Branson and Ozarks (showing them one of the places I lived and visiting Rocky Ridge Farm), Colorado (see my Bestie, Beth and Matt maybe Elk hunt), and Disney Free Dining trip.

Well, we already had a BIG Disney trip in May. That was out, so I would have suspected.

Yet Matt kept bringing it up.

So I booked it!

I have changed the dates twice, but we are headed back! Port Orleans Riverside (never stayed there yet), Nov. 2-7.

Port Orleans Riverside. Not my shot, but sooo pretty!

Why on Earth would we think going back was a good choice????
  1. Free Dining
  2. Harmony Barber Shop (there is a story here, I will share in a minute)
  3. Value of having everything for everyone (even my theme park disliking husband, who talked ME into it this time!), especially plenty for the very young to still see and do.
  4. Truthfully, we would have spent about half going elsewhere for only 4 days.

Let me tell you about Harmony Barbershop.....

Also not my shot...
As you enter Magic Kingdom, tucked in the corner, to the left, is this quaint Barbershop. When we took our first big trip in 07 (we took one 3 day trip in 06), with Levi, I had my heart set on getting his first haircut there. They have a sweet package (it's $18 now, not sure if it was a bit less then) of a first haircut, and celebratory ears are included!

Well, in all of those 10 days I could not bring myself to cut Levi's gorgeous curls!!

Could. Not. Do. It.

Levi's first haircut happened about a week after leaving Mickey, in the hospital, due to the doctors trying to save him after our family was struck by a large truck running a red light. Our lives were forever changed. And now my baby's first curl is in a box given to me by the hospital 6 years ago.

Without going into too much more, since it is that time of year and my heart can't handle it tonight....

When we started planning a trip for Gabriel at about the same age, I said HE would get that haircut! By golly!! Well, I happen to have been rather busy that trip and we never made it. :(

So!! Sawyer is getting that cut! I made an appointment even! :) Nov. 2, 2PM!

So there.... We are going back! Oh me. Oh my!

Well, that is enough for tonight my friends. Goodnight and may the Lord bless and keep you!


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures from his haircut!! ((hugs))

  2. I can't wait! I pretty well made the appointment first thing as soon as we get there. Making the appointment should make me stick to it! And I made Gabriel a cool dude appointment to!