Saturday, June 1, 2013

You ever have a moment, in your day to day bustle, where you feel really accomplished? I am talking to type of accomplishment that you feel proud and giddy about? Suddenly, you realize this is the way it should be!?

It could be something simple...

Yesterday, while in town, I stopped at a farmer's market and bought 2 baskets of strawberries. Now, what I REALLY wanted to do was you pick, but not so much in the mud with all 3 kids by myself. KWIM? Though I got berries from a place that doesn't spray, they were less than attractive (perhaps less than!!) They were a tad mushy and had spots. But they weren't sprayed, so I went for it!

We had a few fresh yesterday, but today I had plans! JAM!!!!

Now, I have never made successful jam. So, I settled for a freezer jam recipe. It seemed to have a bit much sugar, which I ended up cutting about half a cup. Of course, just a bit ago I heard that cutting sugar may cause the pectin to not correctly form :/ Oh well!

It is still quite good!!! I can't tell if it will set up totally, but it still has a wonderful consistency! I poured it into 4 jars, sitting on the counter for 24 hrs.and, the bit left into a jar and stuck in the fridge.

I am planning to gift the smaller jars and probably make more tomorrow. I still have berries!

So my next chore was making bread. I do this every 2-3 days. I am getting quite good, except it gets stale too fast. It is still good for toast and grilled cheese.

Isabelle occasionally helps knead! :)

So we got the bread all baked and I sliced some off. And...well....

What a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!! It was so delicious!

My OWN bread with my OWN jam on it!!! Yummm.....

An amazing feeling. Ya know?


  1. Alicia
    I made some strawberry jam this year too. It sure is the best to have made that wonderful bread and jam. I am sure yours was woeful tasting, as was mine.