Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fresh and Tasty!!!

What a week!!! It was a bit crazy around here without Isabelle! She has never been away that long before. We all really missed her. And, though she says she didn't really have fun, I think Summer Camp was good for her. I am a bit saddened that she really didn't get to experience a traditional style camp, though. We may look for something else next year.

I rarely get "true" smiles from Isabelle. She was SO excited to see her little brothers!! <3

Sawyer missed his Sissy.

Camp Sisters.

Between our CSA with Vegetableland, our own garden, and Farmer's Markets, fresh produce has been easily found! Who else is finding healthy and tasty bounties?

I harvested out first yellow squash, and Matt has been picking beans, we continue to harvest greens, as well.. Add all the yummy goodness together and meals have been rather pleasant. :) Our first bean harvest only gave a few, so I made a stir fry with them, the squash, and carrots from our CSA. And today I made my famous pasta FRESH!

All in all, the garden is doing well. The tomatoes and peppers are slow, and the one squash had rotten baby fruits on it today. These things continue to worry me. But we are learning I suppose.

Here in the house, things are busy, too! I have beans that need canned (newbie here!), homeschool curriculum to pick out for fall, and Sawyer is pulling up and getting into EVERYTHING! lol!

On the way home from work, Matt rescued a small box turtle from the road. Gabriel hasn't gotten to see many turtles, so it was quite exciting!!

He got a bit uptight when the turtles claws touched him. lol!
I am loving being a Farmgirl Sister! I have been decorating my badge. I decided to learn some hand embroidery for it. It has been fun! I got the most wonderful teas from a fellow Sister today. And a recipe! Guess what I did?! Would you believe I wore my new apron to town today! It was a hit at the Farmer's Market!

Farmer's Market goodies!

A very dear friend had a successful VBAC yesterday and welcomed a new princess into her family. 

Welcome Baby Alyson!!

Talk to you soon! Night and God Bless!!

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