Sunday, June 16, 2013

So how do you pasture a goat?

Matt and I (mostly Matt, lol) fenced in a nice section behind our house. Matt actually put another strand in (or was it 2??) today. It is a hotwire fence, 4 (or 5) strands. Low and close together.
She is so adorable! Like a little fawn hiding in the weeds!!

Daisy STILL gets out. :( So most of the time she is still in the front yard.

I am hoping as she, both, grows, and gets some goat friends she will be deterred in her escape endeavors.

She actually seems to LOVE it back there. As long as we are back there. Sitting there. Watching her eat. It's a bit monotonous.

We have a lead on some goats. FINALLY! Hopefully she will have company soon.

So how do YOU pasture a goat???? (Not that our woods is really a great pasture qualifier ;) )


Now let's talk chickens...

First of all, I noticed today that 2 more of our "pullets" are indeed roos. Now we have 4 roos. Ugh...

We started feeding them pellets in a feeder when they aren't loose, free ranging. We did this for 2 reasons. 1, pellets in feeder= less waste of crumble on ground. 2, They weren't growing, so we questioned if they were getting enough to eat.

Well, we answered that question when the almost doubled in size in 2 weeks. Now about a month has passed. Since they self feed so easily, they have grown wild. Indeed, they are troublesome to put up at night. I am not quite sure what to do about this...

You know what else seems strange???

At about 20 weeks old, we haven't seen an egg yet??? Wish we had more experience.

In other FARM news.....

I got my official Mary Jane Farm packet!! That's right! I am a Certified Farmgirl! I would love to share more if you are interested! ;)

I harvested more Kale yesterday to make a YUMMY dip!! Kale and Artichoke! The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I had made the mozzarella myself!

Sawyer is really growing! Today, on Father's day, he pulled himself up to stand! Then later I got the cutest pictures of him playing with his feet...sound asleep... <3

Quite proud of himself!


  1. we have goats that we pasture. We have a six strand hi tensile fence. I have a friend who has an electric fence with only three wires that keep her goats in. She may do better when she has a friend.
    Is the fence hot enough? Are you using ground rods? It takes a good charger as well.
    Good luck! :) She is a cutie

  2. Thanks Sandra!! I hope she does. I think we finally have some leads!