Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I was just downloading photos and realized our Memorial outing should be posted! We had such fun, it needs to be shared. ;)

The only real chance we had to spend at a family outing was Sunday. And I wanted to do something both outdoors and historical. We decided to
go to Springmill State Park. It had been YEARS since we had been there.

Much to our delight and surprise there was a Civil War Encampment reenactment going on!! Here are some fun highlights of our day.
Walking in...Yep!! I got Matt to where the mei tai! ;)
Aren't they precious?!
This was an Inn. Matt and I think it would perfect for our family to live in!
Isabelle looking at bullets at the infirmary.
While Isabelle was talking amputation, I was cracking up!!!! Gabriel was poking these limbs (which were Halloween decoration) with a stick!
The limbs were a bit disturbing for Gabriel, so we walked to look at the creek.
Milk break!
Isabelle is way down by that Mill on stilts!

Isabelle got to try on a corset!
This woodworker was so much fun!!
I loved this shot of homemade lemonade cooling in Mason jars in the creek.
After walking the village, we visited the nature center, and threw rocks and sticks in the lake before heading home. 

We plan to visit again next year. The encampment is an annual event. Isabelle even wants to dress up and be a reenactor!! We shall see. It was so cool, but it isn't always on Memorial Day weekend. Often it is down right hot! And layering bloomers, hoops, corset, long sleeved dress, and apron sounds smothering on a 90 degree, 80% humidity day. lol!

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