Thursday, June 13, 2013

We have had Miss Daisy Mae for almost a week now. She is doing quite well! She never would take milk, either from a bottle or dish. She LOVES tall weeds the best, devouring the leaves and leaving sticks standing. She doesn't care for carrots or apples, won't even try them. But we do give her nibbles of goat grain on occasion.

Daisy is really filling out! And we got that tag off!

Tomorrow we plan to head back to the auction, whole family this time, and find her a friend. I think I will feel much safer about leaving her out at night (she sleeps in a dog crate, currently in my living room) if there is more than one goat.

We are expecting!!!!

Copper started pulling her hair yesterday so we expect baby mini rex kits anytime! This is Copper's first litter and ours as well! The rabbitry is sorta my daughter's project. We call it Belle's Bunnies! :)


Our garden is growing nicely. I had some pests, but sprinkled some baking soda around and everything has improved!!! I saw the tip on Pinterest. To think of the years I spent staying away from that site!! My dear friend Shannon got me HOOKED! lol! Now I stay away from FB!
Tiny squash.... And to think I started these from seed myself! :)

This morning we had some great family fun!! Isabelle got out the old bow Matt had as a boy. She is left handed, but Matt was able to fix it to be left handed. She shot for awhile, then we went to fly her kite at the park. It never did "take off" really, but it was still fun!

Have a blessed evening!


  1. glad you are hooked <3 it has certainly been a blessing to me! love your homestead!!! one day we will be there...

  2. I love love LOVE Pinterest! I ended up deleting my facebook account after awhile of not using it. I'd rather pin than get involved in the fb drama llama world, haha! There are so many ideas, crafts, and tips out there. Daisy Mae looks like a sweet girl and congrats on the bunny pregnancy! :)