Monday, June 10, 2013

Why my husband and I went out for a "date" night and brought home another "kid"!

It was a fairly comfortable Friday when I got home from dropping Isabelle and Gabriel off with my parents for the night. Matt, after working the night prior, was home napping. I wasn't home long before he was up and we were making plans. Owensboro riverfront (free music Fridays at 5!) or Dinky's (a farm auction in Amish country we hadn't been to since Isabelle was a tiny baby, so about 10 years!)

With as much work that needs to be done to expand hutches and chicken coops, we threw a cage in the car, loaded up the baby (he exclusively nurses, so he stayed with mama), and headed north!!!

Now, we could have easily said, we were just going "window" shopping, but who would we be kidding??? lol!

After following and passing several buggies heading for the auction themselves and admiring the beautiful vegetable gardens (and simpler way of life) we pulled in. We decided to do a walk through before getting a number. If we didn't see anything that appealed to us we would go eat at the Gasthof and still be happy with our evening.

But that was NOT the case!!!! No... There were bunnies, chickens, goats, pigs, calves, ponies.... We wanted them all!! If we had had a stock trailer we would have been in SERIOUS trouble! As it is we still may get a pony that didn't sell... lol!!

As little goatlings were being pushed into the scary arena, we waited anxiously for what looked like a dairy baby doeling. Then she came!! The prettiest little fawn- looking Nubian! And we got her! For a steal!!

We ended up leaving and going to get dinner at Gasthof before returning for her, as we were terrified of any other damage we might do. Like bring home a Jersey calf... a BULL Jersey calf. What we would have done with him later, I do not know!

We followed plenty more buggies the the village and back. Matt went in to pay and pick up our new kid while I took care of the baby. It took forever it seemed! Finally he came shuffling across the gravel, kid in hand. As they cam to the window and I reached out to scratch her little head, out of my mouth came, "You look like a Daisy Mae." I hadn't put any thought to her name, but there it was!

It was a LONG drive home. She screamed the whole way. We stopped and bought her a bottle and some whole milk after some quick research. She wouldn't take it. We got home and tried scratch grain, rabbit food, the bottle some more. We just wanted her to eat. We were so scared she would die if she didn't. On a whim, at 11PM, Matt went out and cut her some grass. She ate hungerily! What a relief!!

Matt curled up with her on the floor for a bit, and I took Sawyer to bed. Matt and Daisy Mae slept on the couch (shhh...I wasn't supposed to tell you that!). ;)

Saturday she took the long car ride with me to mom's to meet Gabriel and Isabelle. It was love!!! She is quite spoiled!

We have cut the yellow tag off!
Gabriel had just gotten out of the shower! :P

Matt and I are now discussing the possibility of starting a business that takes a petting zoo to parties. The first, of course, will be Sawyer's in Sept!

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