Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Busy!!

Sorry I have been MIA. Things have been BUSY around here! Hope you had a wonderful 4th and celebrated being a Patriot!

We are down to the home stretch of finishing up Isabelle's 4H projects. This is her first year and we didn't register until the very end of May!! So as she and I plan and put together her posters, we have had several quarrels. But the projects are coming along ;)!

My children have been trying lately. As in, I could use some prayers. Gabriel and Isabelle, both, seem to be dealing with some sort of what I hope is a phase. In light of that I have decided to take The Love Dare for Parents. Sort of reground myself. I first read about it here; I have received my copy and am eager to get started. I may even start before the 15th!

Last week I had car issues like CRAZY!!! Yes, my ac is still out, BUT IT GETS WORSE! There was this "shimmey" in the front end. So we took it in on Wednesday to have aligned.They couldn't align it due to the inner tie rod ends needing replaced (we had a feeling), they wanted over $400 to replace them! We opted to do them ourselves (well, Matt and my step Dad changed them). We didn't leave free and clear though! We needed 2 tires!! We thought we had a bit longer, but the steel wires were showing on the inner edge. And by the time Matt and Don finished the tie rods, we had to but a special tool as well (still cheaper than the shop, though!)! It doesn't end there...

Yesterday I had a flat on one of the tires I got last month, so today Matt took it in and they patched it. I am sure that won't last! And they can't get it in for alignment until next week. And I still need the ac repaired. It's getting HOT out there!

Oh, yeah... and Gabriel cracked my windshield. It now needs replaced, too.

Here are some fun 4th shots!

Mommy's Littlest Firecracker

Trying to get one good picture of all 3 children is darn near IMPOSSIBLE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Yes...He IS running!

Riding in the Gator at Mamaw and Papaw's.

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  1. Love the pics of the kiddies. They've all gone so big.