Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heirloom Garden Stuffed Peppers..... YUM!

Yup! Another recipe to be added to my cookbook! They turned out FABULOUS! And in addition to their yumminess, I made a Peach Berry cobbler, topped with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. They entire dinner was local, basically farm(mine or local) to fork, except for the grains and ice cream. I used organic barley in the peppers and the cobbler crust was wheat and corn, also organic. And local grassfed beef! It was a truly spectacular meal!

The only real improvement would have been homemade ice cream. I have gotta get an ice cream maker!

After dinner we went to the fair. I just love wondering through the exhibits. Especially the horses!! I miss having horses so badly.

 Isabelle did well. Considering we didn't sign up until about a month before the fair and it was our first year! I am pretty proud!!

Yep, we had discussed it before, but now I believe a couple of sheep will be added to our!

This momma had these sweet twins THIS MORNING!

Sawyer REALLY wanted to pet that Nubian doe.

Perhaps the most unique horse as far as color I have ever seen. She is a paint... Flea bitten gray and white.

Bitsy was a lovely Haflinger. We have actually considered a couple of these as dual purpose, pulling and riding for the kids. Someday....Sigh....

Gabriel's Swing ride.

Matt and Sawyer waiting.

Isabelle's Ribbons. The Reserve is for her rabbit poster.
Many blessings! Night! xoxo

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