Saturday, July 13, 2013

4H is done and we got another goat!

Yes!! We completed all of Isabelle's projects!! Here are some snapshots!
As Days Go By- History project on Spring Mill Village.


Vet Science- On herbal Medicine. I am quite proud of this!!



Construction Toys

Gradening- Trio of Basils

I can't wait until we can go to the fair and see how she did for her first year! I celebrated after with homemade Mojitos! The mint is from my CSA with VegetableLand!

Last night, after turning in her projects, we went to Dinky's again. We brought home a new goat! Meet Lucy!

Her ears do this funny "bat" thing!! lol!!
Daisy Mae is quite a bit smaller.

They could be sisters!!

Lucy follows Daisy around like CRAZY! A goats should, but Daisy has become quite happy with us as her herd. She seems to get annoyed. lol! They balance each other, though, Daisy Mae tends to prefer the green leaves of weeds and such, whereas Lucy prefers the stems. Lucy doesn't have a taste for grain and she hasn't been imprinted, so she will require some work.

I signed up to do an apron swap on MJFG! I have fabric cut out and look forward to sewing my swap partners apron next week. I got her gifts in the mail today. She made me the sweetest, full length, strawberry apron. It is so special because while we were emailing a couple of weeks ago she was preserving her strawberry harvest. I just LOVE all the extra goodies she tucked in for me!!

The kids and I went to the Farmer's Market in Newburgh today. I got the most GORGEOUS peppers! So tomorrow we are having stuffed peppers for dinner!! YUMMM!

I will leave you this evening with a gorgeous photo of the pumpkin blossom's in my garden. Night and Blessings!!


  1. I love Lucy and your other goats! I so enjoy all of your pics! Connie MJF