Friday, May 31, 2013

Before getting too far, I updated my Trip Report, but it needs another! lol!!!

Just starting out in the homesteading life is difficult. I am being reminded daily that I am not very organized. And in poor shape. Still, things are growing! The chickens are bound to start laying soon, the garden is doing pretty darn well, considering how "dead" our soil is/ was and the newbies we are. And we should have bunnies (as in our first litter) in less than a month!

I had one kale plant already bolt! And it started before I had even gotten to harvest any.

Matt is a bit worried about his onions. I guess because they don't stand tall.

Carrot batch 1 really shot up with all the rain the past couple of days. And batch 2 is sprouting quite well!

We have ticks and mosquitoes quite bad this year. The mosquitoes eat us up in the front yard, we are covered in bites (daytime outdoors). And walking elsewhere on the property seems to always allow for crawly hitchhikers. What to do??? I hate putting poison out b/c of the kids and we are trying very hard to live organically. We COULD do the back yard, but then we have to worry about the chickens eating poisoned bugs (they free range several hours a day).

Matt and I are making plans. Big ones! One we have been discussing for a month or two is raising our own meat chickens, plus a few extra ;). Face it, chickens fed non GMO feed and without hormones and antibiotics are PRICEY! And we eat a LOT of chicken!

We have had some fun play days in this mostly pleasant weather!
Sawyer is ALMOST crawling!

And we did harvest some kale! It made a yummy dinner!!

For school, Isabelle has about 2 more weeks plus 4H. Gabriel is working on The Carrot seed. We planted more carrots in the garden (batch 2) and have done a few projects.

Our Bible verse this week seems to really fit! Have a blessed day!

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