Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!!! I hope it has been a beautiful, blessed day for all of you lovely ladies!

It has been a fun day for me, however, I am exhausted!! Late last night, around 10pm, we arrived home from our Disney Vacation. I will write a bit about it soon. I hope.

Once I woke up, (DH let me sleep until almost 9!! :O ) I hung the laundry I put in the wash last night. While outside "something" broke on our air conditioning unit while using the heat pump. Kinda sucks, since it is supposed to get cold tonight. :/ I peeked around the corner and saw a puff of smoke, so it can't be good.

 I had breakfast with my children, husband, and mother in law. We missed church, because Matt let me sleep in and Gabriel had a mild fever. After breakfast we headed to Lincoln State Park for a picnic with my mom and grandmother and families. We were a tad late, but not as late as my brother! lol! The chilly mid- 60s temperatures were a shock after the near 90s in FL on Friday! We also got our bunnies from my parents who were bunny sitting. We were so SHOCKED that the smaller doe had surpassed the larger in size!!!!

Yes, that is MY daughter...Always in a tree or catching a wild critter!

My husband and our niece.

Sawyer and Mamaw.

After eating and a bit of play, we visited the cabin at Lincoln Boyhood Memorial. We were all quite sad that the cabin wasn't opened up. We got there about the same time as a DNR officer showing around an intern and inquired about it. He said with the sequester the cabin couldn't be opened as early. :(

Courtesy of my mother!

Sleepy Lil bit

While there, DH and I admired the chickens. We asked the officer what breed they were. That's when he told us some were for sale!! The owner drove over and we bought 6 Brown Spotted Sussex! He told us they were on the endangered list. I am not sure, but they are quite beautiful!!!

We got home soon after, as DH goes back to work tonight and needed to get to bed. We put the chickens all up (we had let the girls loose to free range while we were gone) and soon found one new one had to be pulled out because it was so aggressive. The new ones are straight run, but also a couple weeks older, so we aren't sure if it is a rooster or moody hen. For now it is under a heat lamp for the night since it can't snuggle in the coop with the other 17.  

I also had a closer look at the garden. Things are really growing!!! But it needs weeded! I am not sure what happened to my squash and the few tomatoes I had put out. They don't look very healthy. :(  Tuesday I will have some time to give the plants some attention. Good thing I have plenty.


 The boys are already down for the night. Gabriel isn't feeling real well.  Heck, even Isabelle is in bed. I am uploading Disney pictures and daydreaming about our homestead.... I hope, someday, it isn't just a dream! Night all!


  1. What an absolutely wonderful Mother's day! Love you Alicia! You WILL get your homestead!

    Judy (Blessedmom4)