Thursday, May 23, 2013

Updated my TR!!!

Had a sad day. Flock number 2 was out of the cage this morning. All that we could find was Cloud and one hen. And a head with lots of feathers around it.We searched and the other 3 seem to have vanished. We knew it could happen, but hoped it wouldn't. Matt has set some traps to, hopefully, catch the culprit.

Meanwhile, we are going to get another bunny or two tomorrow. It has been in the plans for about a week. The one being held for us is a mostly white doe with a bit of gray and dark blue eyes. Isabelle and I decided to name her Fairy Frost.

Gabriel's 3rd birthday is next Saturday.... So hard to believe. We are having a simple party, Special Agent themed, with Oso on the cake. And then going camping!It will be the boys' first camping trip! A homeschool group is going. One parent is a geology professor, so should be fun! Let the planning begin!

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