Friday, May 24, 2013

Such a beautiful day the Lord gave us!! Sunny, but very comfortable.

It was the perfect day to head to Owensboro to pick up our new bunnies! We already had one being held for us, but had discussed getting a young buck, too. Well, a couple of days ago we discovered Domino is a BOY! ooops! lol! So we stuck to our beautiful dark blue eyed little girl an
d picked out an adorable speckled one, too!

Without further ado, please meet Fairy Frost and Puddles!!!

Fairy Frost (yes after the fabric line! ;) )
She is mostly white, with a brownish- gray strip down her back, on her ears, and around her eyes.

See her unique eye color!?

Puddles ( as in mud, b/c she looks like she ran through some mudpuddles)

They bunnies checking each other out.

Isabelle keeps remarking about how small the new girls are! :)

In other news, still nothing about the other 4 chickens. I am still quite saddened by it.

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