Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh my!! Christmas is only a week away! For the first time in YEARS I feel as is I am unprepared! It doesn't even feel like Christmas! We only just got our tree up on Friday night. The lights are pretty, but it is half naked!! LOL! Having an 18 month old running around means ornaments need to be high! I hung all of my newly acquired Disney ornaments and a couple of special ones high. Unbreakable in the middle, you can see my new silver MMH, which was a gift from my dear friend from Down Under, Jennifer. We have a skirt, but, as you can see, Gabriel removed it.
Yes, I don't have any gifts under the tree.No, I am not done shopping, and, no I do NOT have ANY wrapped!!! The best part is, I can't get motivated to get it all done! My mind is being overran by my basement project!

Have you ever been STUCK on something? Before our trip it was sewing all the kids' outfits. Now I have finally gotten nearly everything cleaned up from that! lol!!

I got the primer and paint to get started on painting!! Yay!!!! Only, I have to finish cleaning the rest of the basement. :(

I am really loving my Moroccan themed space!! Here are some fabrics I picked up! For....something...???? lol!! That's the hoarder in me again!

I also plan to hand paint some Henna designs on the walls!! Here is my beloved Henna from Disney 2010! Also some other fun designs I found online!!

Guess I SHOULD go wrap some gifts, huh...????


  1. I so want to do a henna one day!! Love that fabric!! i am thinkin a cute top for you with the teal one ;)

  2. Oh, I have some put up for ME, too!!! But these pieces I got to use in the room! :)