Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's been a week since my last post. Busy time of year!!

We've all made it through another Christmas! How was yours? Ours was pretty wonderful!! We made it to our first Candlelight service in a LONG time!! In fact, it was Isabelle's first! Strained my voice again singing, but it was worth it!!

We had Christmas Eve lunch at Logan's SH. About Gabriel's eye; he fell on one of our metal chairs! Poor baby!! His eye was nearly swollen shut Christmas morning!!


Here is our 2011 Christmas tree after Santa came!

 Gabriel got ahold of that MMCH car and I didn't know if he would open anything!!! LOL!! I actually ended up opening most of his. ;)

It was wonderful having Matt home all weekend! Having our family together is the best Christmas gift and blessing!!

In more upsetting news, I had an MRI done and read last week.

I have degenerative disk disease and 2 bulging disks in the lumber.The nurse practitioner suggested physical therapy for now, with cortisone shots being a possibility. Surgery isn't necessary or an option unless it herniates.

It started as sciatic pain in my left glute almost 2 months ago. Now it encompasses my entire left leg, hip to toes. I have numbness, tingling, and pain. I don't know if PT is the answer. I have heard that will aggravate it!? I am a bit scared, to be honest, that I may wake up one morning with my entire left side paralyzed. Please pray for me.

For those of you traveling be safe out there! Merry Christmas!

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  1. my poor lil buddy.... so glad you guys had a great christmas... (((HUGS))) on the disk issues ... always in my prayers my friend <3 you!!