Monday, December 19, 2011

The drama every school morning has gotten on my last nerve! SERIOUSLY! Grrr... Each morning seems to be full of arguing and my preteen being difficult (at best). Often, it's "where are your papers?" When we start Homeschooling I won't have to worry about where her tests, papers, and newsletters are! School mornings! Ugh! Only 4 more of them....Thank God!

Last night I played with a henna design on my classroom corkboard. I like it ok, but I may work out some of the details in a metallic, especially in the center.

So I have a bit of housework to do, then I will be at my sewing machine most of the next couple of days. I am itching to start painting, though!!!

I also have to look at my gift statuses. I am really trying to NOT make Christmas about gifts for Isabelle. We are working on giving back, but Christmas rushed in on us!! We have done some hygiene supplies for the homeless and toys for tots. I had plans to make cards to send to the troops. Never-mind that I didn't even get cards done to send family and friends! Oh my....Busy, busy.


  1. Always busy mama! We are going with a less is more theme for the kids this year... Can't wait to hear about all your homeschooling adventures after the holiday break :) I bet it will relieve a lot of stress