Monday, January 16, 2012

Field trip #2 was today!!! I took the kids to Indianapolis to the Children's Museum! We had fun, though it could have been better. lol!

We decided to go today, since it was a FREE day!!! And I had to pick up a craigslist find, so two birds.

It's a 3 hour trip for us each way, so we left about 8 this morning. It started out pretty sunny!
I wished it would last. We got there about 11:15 (they opened at 10AM) The parking garage was were the closer lots, according to the sign. I was a bit sad to have to park outside, I knew the rain was coming and the garage with covered skyway would have been so nice!! But that was ok!
Isabelle's favorite thing at the! Silly girl!

First stop was the garden of miniatures. It was so cute that Isabelle knew waht most everything was. She did ask why there were 3 egyptian pyramids, though. Glad I had already planned to make that a unit! I nearly cried when Isabelle started talking about going to see the Great Wall if we still planned to adopt Serenity.

Why didn't they chip his nose?

From here we had lunch in the food court. Oh my goodness!! It was SOOO packed. The ladies cleaning were helping find tables. One was found for me, then a lady and 2 girls sat there. It had 9 seats, and neither of us minded, so we sat together. Food was ok, nothing to write home about.

Then we were off to explore!!! The Treasures (mummy, sunken ship, and terra cotta warriors) exhibit was our first stop, since our unit is Pirates. They have an exhibit for the ship that was discovered as Cpt. Kidd's. Well, it was WAY to crowded to see hardly anything!! Isabelle did get to play as an archaeologist for a bit. Poor thing kept being rushed by kids and families RUSHING! She wanted to read, but everyone was so pushy. I kept taking her back so she could read.

We also explored the dino area, and pretty well everything else except the Barbie exhibit and 4th floor. I was bummed, because the 4th floor is where most of the "play" stuff is, including the carrousel. We couldn't get through. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to even get back out after walking 20 feet!

Gabriel really liked the trains!

Super Croc!

Poor thing was SO done. He was stuck in his stroller the whole time. 

Poor Gabriel was stuck in his stroller the WHOLE time(3 hrs) and in his seat for about 4.5 hours in addition. He just kept saying"out"! So, after I picked up the trailer,  we stopped for some leg stretching play at a McDonald's on the way home.
Just happy to be out!!  
Overall, it was a fun day, but we learned a lesson. We will NOT be visiting anymore places offering a special FREE day!! I will just wait until midweek and pay. One benefit of homeschooling!

We will likely return next month....on a Tuesday! :)

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  1. What a nice place... I'd go with paying as well.... free days are jam packed no matter where the place is...