Saturday, January 14, 2012

God speaks to us in ways we sometimes don't understand right away. I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I should have news about our family growing by the end of next week!! It weighs on me and I wish I could say more, but I need to wait a little longer. :)

Homeschool has been slow to start. I still think Isabelle really loves the freedom and stress free environment (most of the time! lol) of being home. We have only been working for less than 2 weeks and we have a LONG way to go on getting things down. Monday should show some new routine in our schedule that I will be working on. I have tried easing in slowly, but I fell we aren't accomplishing what needs to be done.

We went to Target yesterday and picked out some different diapers to try. I already miss my Disney characters, but I HAVE to do something about leakage!! We got a small pack of Luv's (NEVER used them before) and a box (no smaller packages) of Pamper's overnights. On inspection of the Pamper's I was FLOORED at how THIN they were, but let me tell you, NO LEAKS LAST NIGHT!!! We also bought a new potty chair. I have one of those toilet seat converters, but it's a pain for him, he doesn't like to just sit on it. He loves to "try" but hasn't gone pee pee but twice. I was also concerned that the cup wasn't tall enough. Well, he LOVES his new seat!! He will sit on it for quite awhile and wanted on it first thing this am.

In other notes, I picked up Gabriel to put a diaper on him this morning and pulled something in my back. It hurts badly right now. Of course, with my buldging disks, I knew this could happen, so I have been careful. I hope it stops soon. I had planned to take the kids to Indy on Monday. The Children's Museum has a pirate exhibit and since our unit this month is such, and it is free on Monday it will be perfect. Sadly, if my back doesn't get better I don't think we will be able to go. I also planned to buy a second hand bike trailer for Gabriel. I am ready to ride again!!!

Hope your weekend is GRAND! And warmer than mine! God bless!

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  1. No disney on the diapers... i have never heard of such a thing ;) hehe... potty training begins!! Love it... Hope back getting better!!