Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry I have been MIA lately! Did your New Year start off with a BANG! I was hoping mine would, alas, it seems slow and steady it is!

Matt and I FINALLY made it in to the gym today! Yay! I had hoped we would get there much sooner, but we made it! I started out slow and light, per my PT. So happy to have taken that step!

Another slow and steady??? Homeschooling!! I put off starting a bit so that I could get the basement done and avoid the pile that is now on my dining room table. Lots of heavy things to be moved, though. I can't do it. And, short of a cattle prod, Matt isn't going to do it. Poor thing had a dozen projects going his head!!!! Thus not getting any done. I think I will prod a bit more tomorrow. :)

We did get started, though. I could see the path we were heading down. The put it off game was NOT going to be one off Isabelle's first lessons at home. So we began our first Unit...Pirates! ARRR!

Most of our lessons and activities are themed around the notorious lot! We started off with a short history and pirate fun, including a pirate name generator, pirate personality quiz, and a class flag design by Isabelle. She even drew herself as a pirate!! For all of 10 minutes, Isabelle became Capn Tiny Jezebel Dawkins. Then she changed it! Apparently she has an animal pirate ship! lol!!

Meanwhile, Gabriel flitters about the room like a tornado. His new favorite activity being throwing things, for the sheer joy of the BANG! And getting STUCK! lol!!

For the next couple of nights, Isabelle is visiting with my parents. Oh the freedom of homeschooling!! She took along her homework, quite happily, a comic type copy of Treasure Island and warm play clothes!! Now if I could only convince mom to keep Gabriel, too....hmmmm......

I have been sewing, as well. I have a sweet 1st birthday Mickey Mouse shirt all ready to be pieced together, as well as finishing up 2 of 6 dresses ordered for 2 special girls to wear next month in Disney World. Busy am I! Busy! Busy!

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  1. What a great start to the new year... minus the pile that is ;)