Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello world!!

The past year has been eventful. We have had SO many changes, especially in the past 6-8 months.

Our biggest change was adding to our flock. Sawyer Ryan was born on Sept. 4, 2012.
First time Isabelle and Gabriel got to see him. Right after surgery.

Mommy snuggle time

His hospital photo. Scanner is broke, sorry!
We are totally in LOVE!! <3

Adoring big brother.

Discovering his hands.

Fluffy butt!
So, we had a major lifestyle overhaul right before Sawyer was born. Well, really we are still in the midst, but a LOT has changed.

As I did with Gabriel, Sawyer is exclusively breastfed. I had already planned to, but some of our overhaul revealed even more nasties about formula than before (especially mixed with tap water!!). I am also cloth diapering for the first time! I love it!

What else is different about this baby? He is intact. I am very much an intactivist. I was horrified when I learned what I allowed to happen to my first two boys when they were circumcised. We also learned a lot more about the dangers of vaccines, so none of those either! (Of course, I didn't want to vaccinate or circumcise before, but Matt finally got on board! ;) In the process he uncovered more reasons than I ever had before!)

There you have it folks.

I have become a Crunchy Mama....as in granola...as in Hippie Chick! And my family is healthier for it.

Where did all of this start???? Fluoride. Yes, fluoride.

It's a toxic industrial waste product.

After giving in to a "conspiracy theorist" at work, Matt finally looked at some things and mostly started with Fluoridated Water. Do you know how bad it is to SWALLOW fluoride? Read the back of your toothpaste lately? It has been banned in most countries, yet continues to poison America! Fluoride causes brain damage, lowers IQ, and causes bone thinning. Don't take my word for it, though. Research it yourself.


Next thing you know we are the proud owners of a ProPur water system, which filters 95% of fluoride, and a ton of other yucky things they add to our water. We drink it, make tea, coffee, and do all cooking water from the filter. We are usually seen taking our own drinks places to avoid the fluoride everywhere else.

Well, thoughts on what we drink led to thoughts on what we eat. GMOs.... BAD news, people!

What are they?

Web definitions
A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered...
Doesn't sound horrendous. Until you start looking into what the "modified" them with.  

Now we eat nearly everything organic or local. We prefer meats that are grassfed, antibiotic and hormone free. My family drinks raw milk from an organic farm (except Sawyer and me. Sawyer has a dairy sensitivity.) and eats eggs from grassfed chickens. It feels good making my family healthy!

On that note!! I made a yummy dinner tonight! It was supposed to be for Meatless Monday, but yesterday was a bit crazy.

On Mondays, at River City Food Co-op in Evansville, Matt and Wendy Wilkins, owners of a local organic farm, Vegetable Land, cook lunch! It is always an out-of-the-box and heavenly meal, all vegan. -On a side note, do you know how difficult it is to eat out with a food allergy/ sensitivity!? - Anyway, a couple of weeks ago they made a yummy vegetable pilaf. A few days later, at a homeschool play group, I asked Wendy for some tips on making it. I was surprised to find out that her husband, Matt, does a lot of the cooking! She is the baker (yes, they always come with dessert!). But I took the information she gave me and made it tonight. Mine is a bit different, I didn't have time to make the beans that were served on top, but that was ok! 

The veggies (minus the Kale) sauteing.
All finished!

Served with homemade bread! YUM! See my cloth UNpapertowel?? I made a set for my family!

 YUMMY!!! Want the recipe??? ;)

Alicia's Veggie Pilaf
4 green onions
3 carrots
4 stalks of celery
1 small- med sweet potato (I used a purple one!)
6 baby bella mushrooms

3 cloves garlic
1 large bunch of kale (steamed in bite size pcs)
2 C prepared barley
2 C prepared quinoa
1 C prepared brown jasmine rice
Salt to taste (I used celtic sea salt)
1/4 C EVOO

Chop and dice veggies while grains are cooking (just follow instructions on package). Steam carrots and sweet potatoes for 4 min in the microwave. Do the same for Kale.
Saute in EVOO- green onion and Garlic, add slightly steamed carrots and sweet potatoes, then, lastly mushrooms and celery. After veggies are a bit softened, add barley, then quinoa, then rice, salt to taste. Mix well. Add Kale last and toss.

Don't forget local and organic produce tastes better and is better for you! All of my ingredients are organic. Make the changes you can. Changing all at once is tough. Good luck and God bless!

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