Friday, February 22, 2013

It has been a good week! God has given us great blessings. Even now as my two older children are running in the yard, my husband is putting up my greenhouse so I can start my seeds for our first organic garden!

I am hoping to finish out the week with a family bike ride. We went on our first one last Thursday. It's a good thing I can't ride far. Matt needs a bike, so we swap out and ride along with Isabelle back and forth. The boys ride in a trailer. Sawyer doesn't like it much, since he is so used to being in a baby carrier! :) It's still good fun!

Sawyer got his first Amber this week. To some people this may look a bit scary, but it is fairly safe. He only wears it during the day. 

But why?, you may be asking.

"Amber is a natural analgesic and when worn on the skin, it releases healing oils that helps babies and young children to stay calm and more relaxed thoughout teething. Amber necklaces are a great natural remedy and can eliminate the need for over the counter drugs." from

We are a reading family. Currently I am reading aloud to the family The Little House series. We are on book 2. Everyone enjoys it! Even Matt! So, needless to say, we spend a good deal of time and money buying books.

Well, today was an extra special trip. You see, Matt wanted to visit a Starbucks , and practice his second amendment rights. Today is a special day for Starbucks and gun owners to share some love! Read the story here:

It was a moment of celebration. Matt also wore Sawyer in the Ergo for the first time! It was so sweet seeing him browse the periodicals while Sawyer stared up at him in wonderment, trying to figure out why he was in the carrier and looking at daddy! <3

As for me, I was able to enjoy one of their new Vanilla Spice Lattes with SOY! Yay!!! :D

How sweet are they!! Well, excpet all that hair! lol! Sheesh, I can't wait until he is ready to get rid of it! :P
So what did we get? Isabelle got The Hobbit, Matt and I got the magazine. The Seuss board books are to go along with Gabriel's (and Isabelle, a bit) "homeawk" next week! I have lots of Seuss-tastical things planned! 

My Bento box came today!!! YAY! It's my first one and boy do I have plans for it! Stay tuned! 

 On a sad note....

It was a sad day today for many in my family, as my second cousin Buster was laid to rest. He had an aggressive form of cancer and he made the journey to stand by the side of Jesus and his mother this week. Bless his soul. He is at peace. Please spare a prayer for peace in our loved ones as well. Thank you and God Bless.

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