Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who had a great weekend? We did!!!

My greenhouse is put up (now I need to get those seeds started!), I got a new Kabar knife, had plenty of quality time with my family, got some Disney planning in, and Matt and Isabelle worked a cookie booth today.

Doggie photo bomb! We actually had to move it yesterday because it wasn't getting sun.

We finished it off today with a yummy dinner! Venison steaks (from the deer Isabelle, my 10 year old daughter, shot in December), Barley Casserole, and Brussels Sprouts Caramelized with Apples and Bacon.

The Barley Casserole (I added 1 ts turmeric),
Brussels Sprouts,

We also made a fresh loaf of bread today. I started the bread, but Matt kneaded it. He helps at meal preparation quite a bit. It's a fun time! His loaf came out so pretty!!

Yesterday we finished Little House on the Prairie. Time to get the next book! I ordered some craft and cooking books to go along with our stories. They truly are wonderful books!! I have half a mind to cancel Disney and roadtrip the prairie! lol!

Planning Disney is so different this year. First time in a deluxe resort, first time not having the dining plan, first time renting DVC pts, first time planning meals around, both, my dairy free diet and our more organic diet. I have found some good blogs to help with food allergies at Disney. I want to share them. In case anyone else is in a similar boat.

I got some sewing done for our trip over the weekend, too. I now have 7 completed outfits out of 51!! Yay me!!!! Hahaha! I also have 2 half finished. I will be busy! They are worth it! The kids I mean!! ;)

Our homeschool week will be loaded with Seuss! I have lots Pinned on my board!

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