Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It has been a long past 2 days here at the Winkler home (and out and about!). On Mondays Isabelle attends a homeschool co-op martial arts class. So we are out the door by 9 in the morning. Afterward Sawyer and I had a chiropractor appointment with Dr. Amber James (she is so fabulous!). I took Sawyer to an impromtu doctor visit after, because of what seems to be a somewhat chronic ear issue. His ear, the right one, drains at least once every 2 weeks. It decided to bust again this weekend. :( So now he is on an antibiotic.

Yes, I am pouting about it...

I am hoping it helps, I really am. But it is already hurting his tummy. And since he never is feverish or cranky when it drains, I don't usually take him to the doctor. In fact he hadn't been in a couple of months. He will be 6 months next week, weighs 20 lbs and is 27.5" long!! My growing, chunky, fluffy, Little Bit!!

We went from the doctor, to getting lunch at River City Co-op, driving to Huntingburg, picking up *pet* milk at the dairy, going to the library, and, lastly, getting Sawyer's prescription.

We finished up everything so late that I was too tired to even make a real meal last night. It was supposed to be Meatless Monday. I let Matt cook for us, so we had bacon and eggs. lol!

Homeschool lessons barely got started, so they were finished up today, along with today's lessons. I am working with Gabriel and Dr. Seuss stories this week, adding some in for Isabelle on top of regular studies. Which is a bit lax this week. It is a short week, because we are going to Big Splash Waterpark with some other homeschool friends on Friday.

So yesterday I read The Cat in the Hat to Gabriel, and today I read the ABC book. We made "H"s in shaving cream and did some hat activities.

I finished up some of the boys' Disney clothes and got more bento supplies, too!!

Then I made dinner!! My Meatless Monday dish became my Meatless Tuesday dish! And it was yummy!!! Spinach Enchilada with homemade enchilada sauce. Guac and salsa on the side with strawberries!!

Plans for the weekend??? Gardening. 

I MUST get some things going! I need to get some manure spread, start some seeds to put in the greenhouse, and sow peas, kale, and spinach. Slowly, a bit at a time we are working our way from being the Winkler Home to transformation into the Winkler Homestead!

 Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their week! God Bless!!

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