Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's been a rough week around here.

Mama's patience are so gone...

And the antibiotic isn't working for Little Bit (Sawyer). He has been on it since Monday for an "ear infection". I am not positive he has one. He does, however, have a chronic ear issue.  Every 1-2 weeks, his right ear gets gooey and starts draining puss. I know that is a sign of infection, but I don't think it is a typical ear infection. So, our chiropractor and I agreed that he may need to be seen by the doctor since it keeps perforating.

The doctor barely looked at his ear. When I mentioned my concern with hearing damage he pretty much said we can't do anything to prevent it and we would just have to wait and see if he has any dialogue delays...helpful...NOT!

Anyway, I am still giving him the antibiotic. I know it's bothering his belly and it doesn't seen to be helping his ear because yesterday and today it has been full of puss. Seems, though, that since it will be a week on Monday, I may need to look at taking him to a specialist. Because, as my parents keep reminding me, I had LOTS of ear problems as a baby, and of all my babies, he seems most like me.

My baby is sick and I am so sad for him... <3

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