Monday, March 11, 2013

Crazy, Busy life! Pt 1 of 2

Life has certainly been crazy recently! Heck, we were still doing Dr. Seuss activities last week! Here are some of the things we did.

Hat pancake stack.

Sawyer had his first swimming trip! I am bummed this picture is blurry! I am down to my cell, because something is wrong with my camera. Again.

We had some yummy meals!
Teriyaki Samon and Veggie Lo Mein. Lo mein recipe here,

Lentil soup with extra carrots and ground venison, served with homemade bread.

It snowed....ICK!

Out back

And I turned 32.

Isabelle made me a sign.

The kids were sneaky in Isabelle's room for a bit. <3

I got several nice cards and my mom took me to lunch at The Farmer's Daughter, they specialize in local foods and farmers! YUMMMM!!! Mom surprised me with a dairy free cake! I was so excited! It was super delish! Though late that night Sawyer reacted to it, so there must have been a tiny bit of something in it. Still, isn't it pretty!!!

Mom and I went to Walmart, so we could pick out a saucer for Sawyer. I let Isabelle wear Sawyer for the first time!

He loves it!!

It was a wonderful birthday! I am thankful for the year I had and look forward to what next year brings!

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