Thursday, December 5, 2013

News from Winkler Home

Sorry I haven't posted as much. I had considered shutting down my blog. But my husband reminded me, that with my depression, this is a therapeutic outlet for me. I need to be able to share. It helps soothe my soul.

My husband lost his job. Yes, right before Christmas. Sometimes I feel like we will never win. But God loves us. We have been through a Hell not many can imagine. And there are still more heartless people out there in our way. We must keep going, though. What choice is there?

On to happier things! Lord knows, I could go for hours on ^that^ subject.

Last week, one cool, but comfortable morning, I made from scratch Cinnamon Rolls! YUM! Afterward, Gabriel and I finished up our Thanksgiving stories and made a craft.

And for lunch today I made a Dumpling Soup. I made it with a rabbit, raised right here on Winkler Homestead! :) Lots of yummy REAL food here! I will be holding onto this one, playing with it, and adding it to my cookbook! Which reminds me. My notebook is missing. I keep praying it will show. :(

If you could say a prayer for my Daisy Mae. She has injured her leg somehow. :( I can't figure it out. She seems ok at times, and others we wonder if we will have to put her down. We will be so heartbroken. Here she is laying in the leaf pile last week. Isn't she precious?!

Have a great evening. Stay safe. We are expecting nasty weather tonight. God Bless!!


  1. Good Morning Alicia, First of all I want to say, "Don't stop blogging", there are so many wonderful people in blog-land and there is much inspiration from this fabulous sisterhood of creative women from all over the world. Your cinnamon rolls love marvelous. I am just getting over the flu and hopefully will feel like baking again soon. Right now it's hot soup and hot cereal and anything easy to digest and easy to make :) I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to visit my blog and I hope you like it enough to follow me back.
    Keep Smiling and Keep blogging,
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Aww! Thanks Connie! Gosh, hope you feel more yourself real soon!