Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter in the woods

Something about winter, especially snow, seems to slow the world down. People stay inside, watch a movie, bake some cookies, sip some cocoa or tea. Sure, the kids get out and play a bit (sometimes too long and come in with red fingertips and nose tips), but for the most part we shut the cold out and enjoy the warmth. Preferably by a toasty fire, said tea in hand.

Am I right?

There is a bit of holiday preparations and shopping, but no weeds to pull, flowers to plant, swimming at the beach....

Ahhh, but maybe not as true as we think.

When we learn to look outside our normal realm the world opens to reveal its going ons. Even in the cold. Sometimes moreso.

Today, my family and I braved the somewhat-still-icy roads in our Excursion for the return of a family tradition we have not partaken in as much over the years. Since time is a precious and cherished commodity, we never seemed to find enough with my husband working 64 hrs a week. We have found a bit more lately. ;) So we packed some snacks and headed out. For a family drive.

A few people braved the half cleared, patchy highways and main roads. We headed for the backroads. Where farmland stretched as far as one could see sometimes, covered in a blanket of white. Roads often dead ending at the river, a levy, or fields. Though we passed a couple of trucks and the ruts in the road were tell- tale signs that humans had trafficked the slippery trails, we were mostly alone.

Except the wildlife. The world around us was awake and busy! Foraging and seeing what could be found for their survival were deer, rabbits, ducks, songbirds, coyotes, and many other creatures of God's wondrous creation.

Even the bubbling waters seemed alive in the stillness of the snow covered land. What beauty to behold. All in motion while most of us begin our season of cabin fever.

Thank you Lord, for letting me enjoy this precious time with my family today. And for coming home to warm soup and fresh baked bread!! :)

I joined my first Blog Hop!! Hope I did it right! Thanks for letting me "hop" on!


  1. Thank you for letting me tag along on your family drive. I must say that you live in a beautiful area. The woods, the water, the deer and the ducks on the water . . .everything looked so picture perfect. Then coming home to homemade bread and soup, well it sounds like a wonderful day, well spent :) And I am so happy that you carried your camera with you and share it with us.
    Stay warm and keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Thank you so much Connie!! It truly was a grand day!

  3. Alicia, it sounds like the perfect day I loved the pictures. I am glad you were out with your family and enjoying the world and life God has given us. Your family remains in my prayers always. Thank you for sharing your day with me. I am jealous.