Monday, October 7, 2013

New Windshield and Mickey Mail!

Last week we lost another branch from that dead Oak tree. This time it skipped the drop line and went for my car instead. The good news here is that we hadn't replaced the windshield from Gabriel cracking it, yet. Bad news is I have some new dings. The windsheild is being replaced as I type!

The best part is that Richard, of American Dream in Jasper is replacing it in my own DRIVEWAY! That means no waiting room with the kids!!!!

Gabriel had his second storyhour at the Library today. He really seems to love it! And as cool as it was this morning, I dressed him in a sweet sweater, perfect for fall!!

Uh-Oh!! A SMOLDER! Isn't he a bit young?????

That lovely bruise on his cheek is from his baby brother biting him. :(

Last week Gabriel learned E is for Egg!

Sawyer listened in! Look at the wings growing above his ears! lol!! Only a few more weeks until haircut at Harmony!

Also last week, we got Mickey Mail! I was so excited, because I had NO idea what it could possibly be!

So I opened it and found a letter.

So my first thought was (and kinda still is), couldn't they have given us a resort upgrade instead???? Matt and I don't like the idea of being tracked while on Vacay. It isn't really Disney's concern when I go potty, stop to grab a coffee, or am in my room. So there was some discussion and apparently I guess the same chips are in the cards, so it doesn't matter. Afterall, there are agencies who look to Disney for many ideas.... Just sayin'.

Still kinda bummed, but Disney certainly has a way to keep the magic and fun in it all! I ordered our bands last Friday and UPS brought them today. They are quite neat! Matt and Isabelle aren't happy about them, still, but what can we do???

Isabelle and Gabriel picked their colors, I picked everyone elses.

So my windshield is now almost done, so I am getting ready to bury myself in car cleaning.... Anything to help distract me today. 

Six years ago today.....


  1. My dear dear friend! I love you and am praying for you!!!! <3

  2. Wow, that’s a big crack right there! It’s a good thing no one was in the car when the branch fell. It’s a good thing it didn’t happen after you had it replaced. Replacing windshields really are no easy business these days when everything is expensive. I’m looking forward to that new windshield!
    Kenny Isbell