Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall has been beautiful!!

So far Fall has been beautiful here in Southern Indiana. A bit of storms, but mostly sunny and cool!

Early last week marked the 6 year anniversary of loosing our son, Levi. He was not quite 17 mo (only a week after an amazingly memorable 10 day Disney World trip, which is a good reason we go back so often...To remember the magic...)  when a careless driver ran a red light and smashed into our car, taking him from us. Our lives are forever changed and we miss him daily.

Mommy Loves You Little Man!!! <3 <3 <3

I have been trying very hard to add more "movement" to my days (exercise :) ). The weather has been perfect for it and I REALLY need to loose some weight! Matt and I have been doing some weight lifting, too, and I hope to start c25k again, soon! I just need to be a bit more diligent. I am adding more paleo meals to our menu plans, in effort to cut some bad carbs. Gotta a favorite recipe???

On a recent leisure stroll Gabriel picked some lovely wildflowers. He was so proud!

Over last weekend, we headed to Kentucky. It was youth season for deer, so Matt took Isabelle hunting. We weren't blessed with a harvest, though, this time, anyway. But instead of driving back and forth (1.5 hrs+ each way), Matt rented a small (very small) cabin, and we all went!! It was fun in some aspects, but the cabin was pretty small. Wish there had been outdoor space for the kids to play, but we did have a porch!

The Ohio river as viewed during a drive with the boys about 8 am Sat. They were both asleep.

Yep, Sawyer was passed out, too! That's what happens when Daddy's alarm wakes everyone up at 5:30! :P
Sawyer being adorable in our cabin!

Trying to figure out how to get down. He understood the feet first concept, but those extra inches scared him!! He "dangled" like that a good 5 min!!!

And in recent preschool activities, we have learned "F" is for FALL!!!

Which included some play time in this beautiful weather today with our PEACE friends! Sawyer was movin and groovin.His hair is getting quite shaggy. He doesn't have the natural curl Levi did. Only 17 more days until his first haircut!

Isn't this sweet!? :)
Night all and God bless!

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