Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can't life be uncomplicated for awhile??? Please?

Since Matt usually works nights and since he hit a deer a couple of months ago and shattered a headlight, he has grown accustomed to taking my car to work. At first he would worry about leaving me home without it (it is the only vehicle EVERYONE will fit in, though we have 5, including my husbands "toys", 2 antique Kaisers), but I would reassure him all would be ok. It has worked out well. And while we have been car shopping on and off for a couple of months, he has planned to keep the van to drive to work (likely trading the Jeep that is dangerous). It's a win- win!


Well it was, anyway.... Until yesterday morning.

While pulling out of the parking lot yesterday, with a dew covered (brand new) windshield and a glaring rising sun, refracting on the mist and windows, Matt "bumped" a Dodge pick up in the rear at about 10 MPH. While no one was hurt, and the guy had a minor bit of bumper damage, my car, which slid under the truck, had to be towed home!

Look!!!! My windshield is ok!!!!!


And with us leaving for vacation in 2 weeks.

Now, we had been car auto shopping on and off for awhile. Even to past couple years, keeping our eyes out for a 7.3 diesel Excursion. See, after loosing Levi, we won't "DO" little vehicles. The mini van was pushing it to begin with. Even more so now, seeing how it holds up in a minor fender bender!!! Over the past month we have also tested out the 4 door F250 and recently considered the LARGE conversion van, E250. The only downside of the E250 is rear wheel drive... :( There is an Excursion near Chicago we were making plans for (if you don't already know, Matt avoids IL like a plague, so this was something to find!)

First things first! We had to clean up the jeep and get a tire aired, the battery charged, renew the registration, add it to insurance, etc.... All while being thankful that my mom took the the older kids Thursday, because we have NOTHING all 5 of us fit in.

Playing while at the carwash

Turns out we had to be a new battery.

Finally, about 2PM, Matt and I went to lunch, starved, jeep as clean as it was getting, much more comfortable to ride in! While there we looked through car ads and talked about where to go first. By chance, Matt remembered his cousin mentioning a little, tiny, lot in Daylight having an F250. I pulled up their website, Lewis Motors, and found they had 2, TWO!, Diesel 7.3 Excursions!!! They are almost impossible to find!!

By the time we FINALLY got there, the husband and wife team at Lewis Motors showed us both fantastic vehicles!! The green one, I liked better (we aren't a big red- loving family), it had about 60k less miles, seat warmers (ohhh!! that was nice on my sciatica!), and installed DVD. It also had a few blemishes, though (to be fair, the Lewis' just got it and it was in the garage still for clean up), and, frankly, didn't drive as nice. So right now we are leaning more toward the burgundy. We have plans to meet the Lewis' at the lot at 9, this morning.

Me driving the Green one!

Could this be my new car?! Do you see a trip to FL in the future??

A little note, Lewis Motors opened in 1954, started by Shannon Lewis' father. This husband and wife duo make this small lot and off-road conversion business a family affair and are wonderful to work with and pleasant to be around! We enjoyed their company for a couple of hours last night! :) And Rachel certainly seemed to enjoy the baby time!!

Meanwhile, I think Matt and my step Dad are going to fix the van so we can continue to drive it (Matt to work and keep some miles off the new vehicle).

I will let you know what happens today later on!!! God bless!


  1. Goodness you do need it to stop now and have good things happen.

  2. Good Luck!! They both look nice!! Let us know which one you went with.